The term ‘point of sale’ or POS refers to the myriad of printed and produced materials used in the promotion and or sale of products on the retail floor of shops or sales spaces. The category includes things like Standees, Entry Boxes, Banners, Hanging Posters, A-Frames, Table Talkers, Sales Tags, Shelf Talkers, Signage, Bunting, Flags, Pop-Ups etc etc. But no matter what the item of what the marketing challenge you have, Priority Printing have the experience and know-how to help you choose an effective and successful POS solution.


Because catching the eye of the public as they pass by your outlet is the first step to getting them into your store and what better way to do this than with very large photo quality images. Priority can produce hanging posters up to a massive 3 metres x 1.5 metres to make a real impact. Not only can we design it for you, we can produce, print, pack and deliver to one of a multiple of destinations in Australia and around the world.